"I am a girl and I am hatred by all"

The day I was born, the weather was completely rough and windy. My father used to say the day was a black day because I was born on that day as a girl. Immediate after my birth, my father started beating my mother and kicked on my mother’s womb. My mother was seriously injured. My father ordered her to throw me out but she left his house and took me to her parents’ house where later I grew up. I never had seen my father. I am a girl and I am hatred by all. This is what Razia said about her when we introduced her about Tulip School Program.

She enrolled on the 22nd April 2015 at the Grade 1 at Tulip School (Maheria Para Branch) sponsored by Interpedia. On the 2 July 2015, we requested her to share us about her experience at Tulip School. This is what she says, “I am here for about one and half months and I have learned how to read and started learning how to write in a good manner. Our teacher respect and tolerate us and our curriculum is very easy to understand especially rhymes are very good. I want to learn sewing so that I can earn money. I want a stair to progress and show my father that I can earn and be man.”
She is a student of Maheria Para Tulip School which started on 5 April 2015 under the sponsorship program of Interpedia, Finland. There are 16 female students and 9 male students in this school. Monowara Begum is the teacher of this school. We aim to educate students about basic reading, writing, speaking and counting in the year one.


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