Child Marriage

Child Marriage is often a result of extreme poverty. Parents feel pressured to elevate financial burdens by reducing the number of children to feed. Girls who are forced into child marriage are at most risk of being caught up in the negative cycle of premature childbearing, high rates of domestic violence, higher rates of HIV/AIDS infection, high rates of maternal mortality, low levels of economic development, and high levels of child under nutrition. Child marriage is directly related to lower levels of educational attainment for girls and is a direct barrier to Bangladesh's attainment of the United Nationals Millennium Development Goals.

Child Marriage in Bangladesh

PHREB and Preventing Child Marriage in Bangladesh

PHREB empowers adolescent girls in BKAF to save their peers from unwanted marriages, pregnancies and abortions. We empower girls to stand for themselves, for their rights and for the rights of other girls in their community. We develop girls' life-skills so that they are capable of dealing with their families and traditions. This self-support network is critical there is a direct relationship between child marriage and adolescent girls who become pregnant, which adversely affects the adolescent girls' health and well being.

PHREB connects adolescent girls chapters with PHREB's existing networks in the community such as Imams Movement for Women's Rights, Public Health Forum, Boys for Gender Equality, Journalists' Forum, Married Women Club, Headmasters' Forum, local elect government officials and sub-district or district level government and police officials to stop and prevent child marriages. When an event of child marriage occurs in a given community, BKAF chapter in the community or in the school discuss about the occurrence among themselves and contact with the parents of the girl who is getting married. The members try to motivate parents not to marry off their daughter. When the parents are unmoved, the members of the club contact with other networks and get the government help to stop the marriage.

In 2010, BKAF in Moheshkhali stopped 213 incidences of child marriage with the help of the Imams Movement for Women's Rights Network of PHREB and Moheshkhali Sub-district head of the government officials (UNO).



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