Education for Girls

Education for Girls

Education is the backbone to development. Knowledge and skills help people understand themselves and the world they live in, make decisions about their lives, think for themselves, and broaden their horizons.

The United Nations emphasizes that education is critical in lifting people out of poverty. A Millennium Development Goal target is to ensure that by 2015 every child, boy and girl, everywhere, will have access to a primary education at the very least.

Our Tulip Schools are a step towards helping achieve this goal. We provide quality formal and non-formal education to girls in a lively, girls' only environment.

Each school can accommodate up to 60 students with two classes, primary and secondary. A teacher takes two classes per day, six days a week. Our students are domestic workers, street children, child labourers and unemployed girls.

Courses are designed in such a way that a student can graduate in three years. As well as teaching Bengali, English, Maths and Science we train our students on life skills and human rights issues. We also teach vocational skills such as sewing and computing.



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