Keep helping Dhaka over Rohingya crisis UNHCR chief urges int'l community, says solution lies in Myanmar citizenship

The head of UN refugee agency yesterday urged the international community to continue its support to Bangladesh over the Rohingya refugee issues through resource mobilisation, saying the solution to the problem lies with Myanmar.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi also called upon the Bangladesh and Myanmar leaderships to secure the future of younger generation of the Myanmarese refugees living in this country.

Grandi, who was addressing a press conference in Dhaka yesterday evening on conclusion of his three-day visit, said the solution to the Rohingya crisis is granting them Myanmar citizenship.

He put emphasis on implementation of the citizenship verification process “efficiently and rapidly” which will help unblock all the remaining barriers to the solution.

The UNHCR chief said his agency has the technical expertise in verifying citizenship and it will further discuss with Myanmar government how it can support the process.

He said the Muslim minorities in Rakhine state cannot move freely without authorisation and cannot access basic services like healthcare, education and their livelihoods easily.

“These people deserve a better future than the present conditions of extreme poverty, deprivation and isolation. We need to move from survival to real life with opportunities,” said the UN high commissioner.

“A crucial first step is to pursue freedom of movement and access to services and livelihoods for all. Accelerated pathways to citizenship are also part of the solution as are efforts to tackle exclusion and poverty,” he added.

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