School Campaign

School Campaign

Our Work with Students becomes their Home Work

The human rights charter provides a framework to eliminate discrimination against women. However, in many societies, including Bangladesh, people view human rights as a Western construct with little relevance to themselves. We feel that our youth have the openness, intelligence and readiness to challenge this perception.

We reach girls and boys through our human rights education program.

PHREB works with students and teachers to mobilize them to stand against violence - violence against women and children. Our programmes cover the international human rights charters including the Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child. We work with students in the hope that their knowledge of human rights becomes their homework.

Read about our achievements in schools here.

Bringing Human Rights in to the school lessons

PHREB organizes workshops at schools on the international rights charters and what rights mean to people on a personal and social level. Games and activities are included as an interactive and fun method of getting the points across. We encourage teachers to continue the human rights message by providing them with pamphlets, stickers and other materials.

Essay writing/art competition

Following the school workshops, students are invited to build on their new found knowledge by writing an essay or submitting art work on any topic of relevance to human rights. All entrants receive a certificate awarding them the title of Advocate for Human Rights.

Alliances of youth, Adolescents, Teachers and Parents

Students are encouraged to network and participate in the youth networks such as BKAF for girls. Boys are encouraged to network and support each other to promote human rights and gender equality. In 2007, PHREB developed a Leaders of Tomorrow Club with 132 young people from the southern part of Bangladesh. At present there are more than 3000 members in this club. Their focus is to mobilize communities to prevent violence against girl child to promote equality and human rights. In 2008, PHREB developed alliances of High School Teachers and School Managing Committee members to make schools and community safe for School Girls.

Sports as a tool to combat violence against girls

PHREB works with education institutions to develop their sports and entertainment programmes. We believe that if girls and boys have the opportunity to participate in competitive, fair and innovative games, they will be more confident and self-reliant. Since 2005, 56,000 students across 12 schools have participated in sports tournaments. Evidence so far shows that many of these girls have become stronger and confident. Boys view girls as engaging, capable and as equals. Girls are better equipped to handle discrimination and abuse.



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