Stop Violence Against Girls

Stop Violence Against Girls

Our STOP Violence against Girls and Women initiative works to reduce the incidences of child marriage, eve teasing, rape, dowry related violence, domestic violence and acid throwing.

This is done in the following ways:

Family Level Meetings

PHREB staff and members of the Adolescent Girls Alliance (BKAF) organize regular family meetings to bring families from all walks of life together to discuss women's rights, violence and social injustices. PHREB staff and volunteers discuss any concerns the family members have including the obstacles they face in upholding women's ability to say no to violence and discrimination.

Public Seminars

We organize seminars with the participation of both men and women and key community people to bring about dialogue on violence against women and human rights.

Cultural Functions and Sports

PHREB organizes cultural and sports functions as a backdrop to mobilizing communities on the issues of domestic and sexual violence. In 2007, we conducted 156 cultural functions in 32 communities and 17 high schools in Chittagong and Cox's Bazar districts.

International Work Camps

The International Work Camp is designed as an intense program to initiate the STOP Violence against Girls and Women campaign. By utilizing the skills and advocacy capacity of international volunteers, we aim to increate awareness of our Stop Violence campaign. In 2006, 11 international volunteers joined the work camp.

Interactive Forum Theatre

Organized by the PHREB Artists for Women Rights, we put on plays about the issues relating to women's subordination. In an interactive forum theatre style the audience plays a vital role. The plays include scenes of a husband and wife in a violent relationship, families where women are working and the benefits to the family of women's economic participation, and stories around legal rights and early marriage. Many of our skits use humour as a way to get the points across and we find that people really understand the ideas around human rights when they are communicated in this way.

Engaging Boys and Adolescent Men

PHREB believes that if we can create a change in the mindset of young male Bangladeshis we can break the cycle of violence and discrimination. PHREB has been working with boys and male adolescents in workshops on human rights and gender equality, with excellent results.

Capacity Building - Training for Police and law enforcement agencies

We work with law enforcement agents to train them to better handle reported cases of violence. Many victims of violence are afraid of those working within the law as they tend to support the perpetrators. We believe that getting the police and legal practitioners on side, we will see an important and necessary change for the better within Bangladesh society.

Training for journalists / Development of Young Journalist Forum

As the representatives of civil society, it is important that journalists are non-bias and truth telling. We work with journalists to give them the information and support to publish accurate reports on stories involving gender discrimination, such as rape, wife beating and dowry related torture. In the future we hope to expand this program to create a young journalist's forum and by doing so generate discussion on issues of gender equality and human rights among the next generation of journalists.

Legal Aid and Counseling

Our Legal Aid and Counseling services are set up to support the victims of gender-based violence.

Through our human rights lawyers network, women can access legal advice for free of charge, as well as attorney support.

In partnership with the Chittagong Medical College we offer victims of rape and acid attack the medical and counseling support they require.

Rehabilitation includes the provision of livestock and the construction of a home.

Future Initiatives

Women's Shelters

Everyday hundreds of girls and women are sexually, physically and mentally abused. Stories of girls killing themselves after being subjected to psychological torture and sexual harassment are becoming more and more common. The crime of harassing young women to the point of suicide continues, as there is no social justice, no formal safety net and no shelter homes for those in a crisis situation.

Law enforcers are often bribed or politically pressured when faced with a situation of abuse. However most crimes are not reported as victims either fear being pursued by the offender or feel the need to protect their families' reputation.

Since 2005, we know of 32 abused girls who have committed suicide after being subjected to sexual abuse. This is a horrific statistic.

In response to this, we have begun building a women's shelter to help support women in abusive situations, and in doing so prevent these tragic suicides.

We greatly appreciate your donation towards the ongoing development of our Women's Shelters.

Women's Resource Centre

The Chittagong Women's Resource Centre will be a friendly meeting place where women can gather to talk and share and learn. As well as borrowing books from the Centre's library, women will also be able to do short courses on computing, tailoring, sewing and handicrafts. Courses will be taught by women in a women only environment.

The Centre will be open to all women, regardless of ethnicity, socio-economic level, sexual orientation and physical and mental ability.

Lawyers for human rights

We are planning a network of lawyers to support human rights and gender equality, and to provide representation and advocacy for victims of violence.



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