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BKAF, a fast growing alliance of adolescent girls, promotes human rights, girls' right to education, sexual and reproductive health & rights (SRHR), gender equality and eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls in Bangladesh
PHREB & BKAF use cultural functions, including International Women's Day, as one of its main tools in changing the mindset of men & women about women's rights and to promote and advocate for gender equality and human rights at the community level
BKAF strives to reduce modern day slavery for the girl child, promote girls' right to universal primary education and essential primary healthcare
PHREB teaches men and boys how the entire community benefits from gender equality and how they can stand up for women's rights, including girls' right to education, and Sexual & Reproductive Health and Rights
PHREB provides community health education in conjunction with teaching communities the skills to articulate and demand adequate maternal, pre- and post natal, and sexual & reproductive healthcare services
Imams that have joined PHREB's Imams Movement for Women's Right Network letting go of their male bias and standing up for women's rights including sexual and reproductive health & rights
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Who We Are

Promoting Human Rights and Education in Bangladesh (PHREB) is a not-for-profit, human rights organization, head quartered in Chittagong, Bangladesh. We create, strengthen and expand opportunities for girls and women in Bangladesh. We believe that if girls and women are given the opportunities to fully realize their potential, they will be the main solutions to poverty, maternal & neonatal mortalities, and gender based violence. PHREB works with, for and behalf of girls and women to empower them to exercise their right to sexual and reproductive health in Bangladesh.

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What We Do

From the early stages of their lives, Bangladeshi women are taught to be dependent on and submissive to men. They are kept ignorant of their basic human rights. This limits not only their education but their choices in terms of marriage, career aspirations, personal safety and seemingly simple things such as travelling between towns and villages or abroad.

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Our Work

Our core focus is to work alongside adolescent girls, and boys, under the age of 18. We feel that the majority of our efforts are best directed at young people as they are our future. We believe that if more youth are educated about their rights as human beings they will become valuable change makers in Bangladeshi society.

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